A Conservative senator is facing two ethics investigations for his behavior inside and outside the Senate. Senator Don Meredith is the first senator to go through this type of investigation since the upper chamber added more rules to the to its ethics code last year. According to Senate Speaker Leo Housakos, the Senate ethics officer has been asked to investigate Senator Meredith because of the results of a workplace inspection that caused concerns about his behavior towards staff and the possible misuse of Senate resources.download (8)

Housakos stated that he and other senators on the Senate’s internal economy committee felt it was necessary that the investigation results be turned over to ethics officer Lyse Ricard. The new investigation is in addition to a previous investigation by the Senate’s ethics officer after allegations were made last month that Meredith had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl.

Meredith could be punished on a scale of ranging penalties from a forced apology to suspension without pay, depending on the outcome of the latest ethics investigation. The new investigation report is not available to the public and the allegations have not been proven. None of the staff who were named in the report filed a formal complaint against Meredith, sources from the Senate stated.

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