There is a well-known saying that power corrupts, and this often holds true in the business industry. It is no secret that people who rise to high levels within businesses often have corrupt behavior. However, there has been some speculation as to whether this is true only of men, or if women are susceptible to behaving immorally if it means higher pay and a better position.

For instance, a good local limo company showed us their books which indicated that women were working a little bit more than men.

A recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania asked participants to put themselves in situations where, for a variety of reasons, they would have to behave unethically in order to receive a promotion or salary raise at work. The study found that, overall, men were more likely to willingly behave in an immoral way in order to better themselves at work than were (7)

Prior to this study, little research had been done on the topic of whether women actually value ethics more than men. This study, however, seems to posit that women do indeed take a higher value in their ethical values than their male counterparts. Many prominent industries, such as the insurance industry, that are dominated by men could be dominated by males for this reason. There is often conflict and sometimes even unethical behavior required in these industries, which seems to cause women to have a greatly decreased interest in these jobs.

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